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The steps to a Nelson Treehouse built structure:

Step 1:
The Site Visit or Consultation

We meet your trees, discuss your vision, take measurements and get everything we need to design the treehouse of your dreams.

Step 2:
Design and Budget

The information that we gathered during our site visit is now transformed into drawings of your unique treehouse. A plan is developed: we figure out the nuts and bolts of the structure and work with you on material specifications. We create an estimate based off of the specified budget.

Step 3:

Signing a contract to build a treehouse! Schedule construction.

Cost Breakdown:

Building Costs

Every treehouse built by Nelson Treehouse and Supply is custom designed for the unique tree scenario, client's design aesthetic and the location in which we are building. Factors like:

  • Height of the treehouse off the ground
  • Access to the project area
  • Time of year (i.e. peak travel season costs, weather, etc.)
  • How many trees you wish to connect to
  • Materials used
  • Freight
  • Logistical costs (e.g. accommodations, plane tickets, car rentals, etc.)
  • Labor
among many other costs, add up quickly.

Our average 250 square foot custom, permitted and engineered NT&S built treehouse will have a base cost of approximately $275,000.00. Keep in mind that this is a custom built, expertly crafted house (suspended in a tree). We pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only the highest quality product, but also a fulfilling experience that results in their dream treehouse becoming a reality.

The Custom design fee of $15,000.00, interior furnishings and any permitting or engineering fees are in addition to the cost of the treehouse construction price.

* Treehouses with less than a one hour drive from our location in Fall City, WA may not be subjected to the logistical costs of crew accommodations.

** Please note that if you want amenities like water and/or electricity in your treehouse, it is the homeowners responsibility to permit and install the necessary infrastructure (e.g. septic system) that can be accessed by the future treehouse - these costs are above and beyond the costs outlined above. Adding plumbing to a treehouse is a large expense so we recommend considering more economical and environmentally friendly options like compostable toilets and grey water sinks.

*** It should also be noted that treehouse permitting and/or engineering will be required in most cases - this process can cost upwards of $20,000. We recommend researching what your local building authorities and any Homeowners Associations will require for a treehouse build as it varies from place to place.

Getting Started
We ask that you fill out our Online Questionnaire. This will ensure your data is in our system. Once we have reviewed each questionnaire, we will email you with next steps to get your project off the ground.